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Welcome to New Haven Dental Center, where Dr. Blake Weil provides quality dental care for New Haven, IN. Our practice offers digital X-Rays, and Dr. Weil is the only dentist on staff to ensure personalized attention and care. With over 10 years of experience, Dr. Weil is dedicated to providing comprehensive dental care that meets your individual needs. Call us today at 260-748-3696 to schedule your appointment.

Key Takeaways

Digital x-rays offer faster imaging, improved accuracy and lower radiation dose.

Digital x-rays are quick and comfortable and emit a low dose of radiation.

New Haven Dental Center uses the latest digital x-ray technology for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Digital x-rays offer detailed images for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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Benefits of Digital X-Rays

At New Haven Dental Center, our team of experienced dentists understand the importance of digital x-rays. Digital x-rays offer a number of benefits over traditional x-rays, including faster imaging, improved accuracy, and a lower radiation dose.

Digital x-rays allow for faster imaging, meaning that the dentist can diagnose and treat problems faster. As the images appear almost immediately, the dentist can quickly identify any issues that need to be addressed. This can help to reduce the amount of time spent in the dental chair.

Digital x-rays also provide improved accuracy. The images are clear and detailed, allowing the dentist to diagnose and treat problems accurately. The images can also be stored electronically, making them easier to access and share with other healthcare professionals. Finally, digital x-rays offer a lower radiation dose, which is beneficial for both the patient and the dentist.

What to Expect During a Digital X-Ray

X-rays are a safe and essential tool for dental care. At New Haven Dental Center, our dentists utilize digital x-rays to diagnose and treat various dental conditions. During a digital x-ray, our dentists will use a small handheld device to take an image of the inside of your mouth. The images produced by digital x-rays are detailed and provide our dentists with a clear view of your teeth and gums. This allows for more accurate diagnosis and treatment.

The process is quick and comfortable, and our dentists will take all necessary precautions to ensure your safety. Digital x-rays emit a much lower dose of radiation than traditional x-rays, making them a safe option for both adults and children. After the x-ray is taken, Dr. Blake Weil will review the images and discuss any necessary treatment options with you.

Digital X-Ray Technology

At New Haven Dental Center, we are proud to offer cutting-edge digital x-ray technology for our patients. Our digital x-ray system allows us to capture images of the mouth with greater accuracy and clarity than ever before. This technology also reduces the amount of radiation exposure for patients, as it requires up to 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray systems.

Our digital x-ray system is easy to use and provides fast results, allowing Dr. Blake Weil to quickly diagnose and treat any dental condition. Additionally, our digital x-ray system is environmentally friendly, as it does not require the use of hazardous chemicals to develop images.

With our digital x-ray technology, New Haven Dental Center is able to provide the highest quality of care for our patients.

Safety of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays are a safe and effective imaging tool used to diagnose and treat oral health issues. They use a special type of digital imaging technology that reduces radiation exposure and produces clear, detailed images of the mouth and teeth. At New Haven Dental Center, Dr. Blake Weil and his team use the latest digital X-Ray technology to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment of dental issues.

The digital X-Ray system at New Haven Dental Center is designed with patient safety in mind. The system reduces radiation exposure by up to 90% compared to traditional X-Rays, and the images produced are of a higher quality than traditional X-Rays. This allows Dr. Weil to quickly and accurately diagnose and treat dental issues, ensuring the best possible outcome for each patient.

Accuracy of Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays are an easy and efficient way to capture images of the teeth and gums. The images are of high quality and accuracy, allowing the dentist to diagnose potential issues quickly and accurately. Digital X-Rays offer a more detailed view of the mouth than traditional X-Rays, allowing for a more thorough examination of the teeth and gums.

The accuracy of Digital X-Rays is also beneficial for the patient. With the detailed images, the dentist can diagnose problems quickly and accurately. This helps to ensure that the patient receives the best possible care, and that any issues are addressed quickly and effectively.

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Diane Pliett
I'll say it again nobody likes the dentist lol but their great there I enjoyed my visit can't say it enough!!!
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Jasmine Stephens
we are always happy with the care NHDC provides us. my 8 year old actually looks forward to going twice a year!
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Stuart Hirsch
My dental hygienist was pleasant, helpful and nice. Dr Weil and his staff are awesome
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Rose Nahrwold
Dr. Weil & his assistants gave me a beautiful new smile & truly cared about me as a patient & as a person. They made sure that I was always comfortable & my questions & concerns were answered in a professional & friendly manner.
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Vern Criswell
Staff & Dentist are great, answered our questions.
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Jenny Blackburn
Friendly, smart, efficient...I cannot say enough good things about this place!
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Barry Sturgill
Excellent care and super nice staff!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of Digital X-Rays?

Digital X-Rays offer a more efficient and accurate way to diagnose conditions, as well as reduce radiation exposure for patients.

How quickly can I receive my results?

Digital X-Rays provide results in a matter of minutes, allowing for immediate diagnosis and treatment.

Are Digital X-Rays safe?

Digital X-Rays are considered safe and use up to 90% less radiation than traditional X-Rays.

How long do Digital X-Rays take?

Digital X-Rays are completed quickly and typically take less than a minute to complete.

Can I get a copy of my Digital X-Ray?

Yes, you can receive a copy of your Digital X-Ray on CD or other digital media.